Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Physics of attraction

what magnetic behavior tells us about love?what is the similarity between a magnet and the sex?I am not talking about vibrating condoms. Does it have magnet ? lets talk something different - different than normal.
Lets talk about Dalton's smallest particle ,an atom.Atom consists of three fundamental particles.They are 1) electron 2) proton 3) neutron .Among these neutron is charge less we don't need it now so lets forget neutron.
Electron is negatively and proton is positively charged particles.Positive and negative charges always attract each other according to the nature of physics.we already know this since our high school year.Like charges repel and unlike charges attract.There is one saying in Hinduism ' यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्माण्डे " meaning " That lies in the universe what lies in a mass"- lets say atom.we all are the part of this giant universe.If this universe is a matter then we are just like an atom - a tiny atom.we all follow the same rule that our tiny atom does.
we can not say atom or any particles are non living things but we are not.So it is not wise to say we all follow the same natural rule as atom does.But I am confused here. what is the difference between living and non- living things?
Living things require food , they can move, reproduce and the like are only the reason to separate living things from non living things.The question is What is the base that compel living things to follow the behavior which we read in the high school? Lets forget these all or try to find out the core secret of living and non living things.But for now...

Lets catch the magnet once again.Same rule rules here too.Opposite pole ( each ends of the bar magnet is a pole) attract and like poles repel.This happens in case of human being- not only for human being but for all creatures of the globe.This is called the law of nature.Men love women.We all are attracted by the opposite and repelled by the same.This is a simple law of attraction.

Now what about homosexuals? Paint north pole of a magnet with blue color and south pole
of another magnet by the same color.Now bring them together.what will happen? They attract.Did you understand now?Cover may be different but the main thing is the energy or some specific nature.which is also not free from the nature of this universe. sometime they may be opposite.


Upama said...

wow very few posts but nice blogs.......... hey wanna say one thing not only proton (+vely charged particle ), electron ( -vely charged particle ) neutron ( neutral particle ) consists inside an atom there are hundreds of other particles which we are unknown of ........... like wise in the attraction between a man n a woman other lots of factors matters .................. we dont get attracted with every man or woman we come across there are hundreds of other aspects hummmmmm ...........

Upama said...

hey wanted to send u an email but couldnt find ur eamil id anywhere .......... so writing it here ......... i like ur blog may be bcz i found the similarities between the concept of ur n mine blog........... if u get time n r interested then i request u to read my blog frm top to bottom

prasan said...

Thanks for your nice comment Upama.