Saturday, April 16, 2011

Consolation to my effort..

Whenever I have to cook something I start thinking as a chemist working in his lab – doing titration. I do titration with my curry by mixing exact amount of salt and spices .I am expert in fries. I can fry almost everything. One of my close friends told me that I could even fry water. I loved his compliment .I don’t need to be in the TV to be a nice cook .My friends are my viewer and they liked the way I cook .I told you before- I can fry almost everything. Southern California Gas Company is certainly not happy with this. They may blame me for wasting energy to burn food. I am a civilized human being .I apologized for using more gas Mr. SoCal Gas. My curry is very expensive. Expensive gas ( I don’t use gasoline to cook my food), expensive spices and expensive time. It takes me an hour to make a single curry item. After I finish, I share it with my friends and family. I love to watch them eating my expensive item. I never ask whether they liked it or not? It’s not too difficult to guess how I made my fried curry? Their nasty faces speak everything. I am a bad cook after all. No worries my friends love the way I cook.

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