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Money Matters: Before diving into the core, let me remind you my previous post about computer programmers salary.

According to the article(Taken from job Employment Guide)the average Computer Programmer salary is around USD 60,000. This figure is the average figure.Experienced programmer can even earn more than 100,000 USD per annum.Also, programming job is one of the top paying jobs in the US.

What kind of knowledge do we need to have before starting programming?

a)Computer programming is not a study of computer.Obviously, it means, we do not need to be a computer expert to start programming. However, It is always good to have knowledge about what you study.But let me repeate again, we do not need to be a computer expert to start programming.

b)People may even say "we do not need to have mathematics knowledge for programming." But trust me, mathematics is very important here. You must have general mathematical skill to succeed.Better take calculus if you want to be rational. Rational knowledge is important here.

c) Do you drink coffee? You may have to work a long hour even while learning.

* Suggestion lol : Its not necessary to put thick glasses over your nose to learn programming.If you already did it because of these letter fonts , then don't worry about what I just said. :-)


Computer::Computer is an electronic device which interacts with the user by the help of  instructions  called program.
Basic Parts-
1. Hardware
2. Software

Hardware: All physical parts of computer.
eg. Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Disks, Printer etc.

Software: Intangible counterparts to the physical hardware components(Lewis & Loftus,Java software solution 4th edition).In another word, software is the information on hardware.

Startrek DVD- Disk is a hardware, startrek movie is software.
Beatles song on my iPod- iPod is a hardware , song is software.

Hardware: Basically, Hardware of computer can be divided in to  3 parts.Viz. 
1) I/O devices
2) Processor
3) Memory

I/O Devices:  I/O  stands for Input and output.So I/O devices are input and output devices in a computer.we put the information through input devices and get the information from output devices.Without input and output devices we can not  interact with any computing machine.Example of input devices are : keyboard,mouse etc.and the example of output devices are: screen,speaker etc.

Q Make a list of  5 Input and 5 output devices.( ..Of any kind of electronic system).

Processor : Processor or CPU ( Central Processor Unit)or MPU (Main Processor Unit)  is  known as the  brain of a computer.The main job of processor is computation. The information that we put through  input device is processed by CPU  and  then it returns the desired information through output devices.
                                                Fig. Intel CPU 

Memory: Memory is the device to store the information ( software)  or data in the system. There are two types of memory in the computer system:

a) Main Memory: The main memory is volatile memory.It stores information while it is being processed. After then, the information is lost.Main memory is called RAM(Random Access Memory).

b)Secondary Memory: If we have to keep the information relatively long time then we use secondary memory; hard drive, CD are secondary memory devices.

0 and 1: Computer uses two numbers  0 and 1 to store information. These numbers  ( 0,1 ) are called  binary numbers.Remember : bi  means two.A single binary digit ( 0 or 1 ) is called a Binary DigIT.
eg. 1001 is of 4 bit.

Select the line below to revel a very famous quote about binary number.
--> There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that don't."

What is byte?
- the sequence of bit.
- eight bit equals 1 byte.

Useful Conversion:

    UNIT                SYMBOL             BYTES
     bit                                                  either 1 or 0
    1 byte                                             8 bit
    1 kilobyte             KB                     1,024 bytes
    1 megabyte          MB                     1,048,576 bytes
    1 gigabyte            GB                      1,073,741,824 bytes

                 (Source:Lewis and Loftus , Java Software Solution 4th edition)

Practice Questions:

1) What is computer?
2) What is hardware ?
3) What is software?
4) Expalin 
    a)I/O devices
    b) CPU
    c) Memory.
5) What is RAM?
6) Convert:
  a) 8 bytes into bits.
  b) 2MB into  bits.
7) which memory is volatile?

Research : If you are planning to get a new computer then you must know about i3, i5 and latest i7 processor by intel. Find some information about intel's multi-core processor. You don't need to know every detail about 'em. Just find out the difference between i3 , i5 and i7 processor.

This page does not contain any information about these processor.

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