Saturday, April 16, 2011

iSteave:The book of Jobs'

Biographer Walter Isaacson has been working on a biography of Steve Jobs which is slated for release on 2012. Check this article out:

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Consolation to my effort..

Whenever I have to cook something I start thinking as a chemist working in his lab – doing titration. I do titration with my curry by mixing exact amount of salt and spices .I am expert in fries. I can fry almost everything. One of my close friends told me that I could even fry water. I loved his compliment .I don’t need to be in the TV to be a nice cook .My friends are my viewer and they liked the way I cook .I told you before- I can fry almost everything. Southern California Gas Company is certainly not happy with this. They may blame me for wasting energy to burn food. I am a civilized human being .I apologized for using more gas Mr. SoCal Gas. My curry is very expensive. Expensive gas ( I don’t use gasoline to cook my food), expensive spices and expensive time. It takes me an hour to make a single curry item. After I finish, I share it with my friends and family. I love to watch them eating my expensive item. I never ask whether they liked it or not? It’s not too difficult to guess how I made my fried curry? Their nasty faces speak everything. I am a bad cook after all. No worries my friends love the way I cook.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Being International...

The video illustrates an accent problem of a non english speaking Italian man. The video is extremely funny but carry very deep feeling of International people living in the US.I have experienced Such type of problem very often. Sometime it is irritating and sometime it is funny like here in this youtube video which was uploaded on 2005 by a person with username Alundras. There are many other videos on this topic.Watch the video and have fun.
(English is my second language.)

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a Joke is joker..

1)Why did Chicken cross the road?
- To go other side.

2)Do fish get thirsty?
- Do some research.Go and ask them.

3)How can you tell frogs don't have ears?
- Tell them a joke,they won't laugh.

4) why did a frog cross the street?
- Because chicken crossed the road.

5) Why did frog cross the road?
- They had to cross the road after street.