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Don't let facebook to autotag your photo

Facebook has bought facial recognition vendor face.com which enables Facebook to auto tag your photos uploaded by your friends.Now this is certainly not a welcome feature. Cmon facebook! there's some limit of everything.
some users may go crazy but there's a way to avoid this - a lol moment? celebrate.Here is the step by step method to avoid autotagging by facebook.

1. Find a drag down menu near your home button that you usually use to log out from your account.

2.Press Privacy setting.

3.Find Timeline and Tagging and press on edit setting next to it.

4.You will find a bunch of options now. Go to the last one that says who sees tag suggestion when photos that look like you are uploaded.

5. Press on friends.Another box will pop up.Press on friends again.

6. Press No One.

7. Finally, press OK and then done.

8. Yeaaaaa... you're good now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface: 40 degree view

A.There would be two basic models:
1) First running the windows RT OS
2) Second running on windows 8 pro

B. Numeric information of two models :
1)Windows RT model
-> 32GB and 64GB
-> 1/3 of an inch of thickness
-> 1.3lbs of weight

2)Windows 8 pro model
-> 64GB and 128GB
-> 1/2 inch of thickness
-> 2 lbs of weight

C. Cameras:
Both models will have front and back cameras.

D. Keyboard:
Magnetic cover doubles as a keyboard.

E. Price:
Similar or comparable to other tablets or ultra-book in the market.(???)

F. Available on market?
Will be available after the release of windows new OS (windows 8) and will be sold in microsoft stores in the US and will be available online too.

Click the image below to compare the basic specs and characteristics of two models:

Source: microsoft.com

Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Goggle

Transformer Prime

Forget about dual core and triple core processor.Think about Asus transformer prime which is equipped with quad core processor with 1.3 GHz of clock speed.In addition to this, transformer prime contain integrated GPU.Imagine! It is the most attractive and impressive Android Tablet in the market.Speed? waoooo...

Specs Check

Sunday, March 18, 2012

(new) iPad Again

Aashish and I went to the apple store in Cerritos to see the crowd after apple started selling its new iPad.Outside the store, we saw people in a queue eagerly waiting to be called for a new iPad.On Saturday, because of the rain maybe, we didn't see the crowd as we had expected but still we had to wait for almost 20 minutes to play with the new iPad.There must be something interesting in the device - a screen glue-solution we guess. :D

After playing with the new device, we didn't find anything new.The first thing that I check in any electronic device is its outlook-How it appears to my eye.Apples latest release is identical to its previous version.I don't say its previous version is not attractive but new iPad doesn't provide refreshment to your eye.Same old design.However,Its dense pixel gets immediate attention which gives an incredible experience with the screen.it's improved camera gives a better picture quality compared to its old version.Useless? we all know its 5MP. Most of the customer use iPad on wifi so let's forget about 4G LTE.The new iPad is an old iPad with a word new before it. Of course there are some additional experience you will get in this device but there is nothing special to be excited about and one more thing - this device is quite heavier too and that's certainly not an apple style.

The new iPad will go on sale in 24 more countries on march 23.

Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Reasons to buy a new iPad.

1. It is new and latest outing by apple.

2. Retina Display:
Higher resolution and high definition screen( 2048 X 1536 ) is the major attraction of this new iPad.It has top screen resolution in the tablet market.

3.4G LTE: LTE is the acronym for Long Term Evolution and acts as a freeway for data motion.

4.Camera: The new iPad has 5 MP camera and 1080 resolution for video.

5.Processor: Its A5X processor with quad core graphics is another point of attraction which, according to apple , is faster than tegra 3.

Source: apple.com

Thursday, March 8, 2012

..or lets say iPad 3

New iPad is here.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled  a new version of iPad series in San Francisco yesterday.Apple calls it a new iPad instead of iPad 3.There are many features added in this new device which make it incredible. With the release of this new version of iPad, Apple lowered the price of its old version by 100 USD. Now you can get iPad 2 for just $399 .
Check this beautiful review from engadget.