Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface: 40 degree view

A.There would be two basic models:
1) First running the windows RT OS
2) Second running on windows 8 pro

B. Numeric information of two models :
1)Windows RT model
-> 32GB and 64GB
-> 1/3 of an inch of thickness
-> 1.3lbs of weight

2)Windows 8 pro model
-> 64GB and 128GB
-> 1/2 inch of thickness
-> 2 lbs of weight

C. Cameras:
Both models will have front and back cameras.

D. Keyboard:
Magnetic cover doubles as a keyboard.

E. Price:
Similar or comparable to other tablets or ultra-book in the market.(???)

F. Available on market?
Will be available after the release of windows new OS (windows 8) and will be sold in microsoft stores in the US and will be available online too.

Click the image below to compare the basic specs and characteristics of two models:

Source: microsoft.com

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