Monday, April 1, 2013

Why facebook phone will be a failure?

We are reading blogs and watching news videos about the Thursday's  Facebook event. The common point on all those news articles and videos is about the possible outing of Facebook phone.Well, facebook can start doing hardware business because it has enough money to go there but I do not think the concept of facebook phone is suitable at least for now.Without writing much I am diving straight o the topic.

There are two kinds of possible phones that facebook may release.
1. Phone based on carrier (eg. at&t, verizon,sprint etc)
2.Phone based on data.That requires internet access.

Option #1.
If facebook releases the first kind of phone.Then it will go in a conventional smart phone competition.First,It has to compete with big names like apple , Google and Samsung( samsung uses various OS in its device but android is its biggest hit) plus it may have to convince   phone service  carrier to compete with its messenger app.I don't think facebook would like to jump on competitive  war of smart phone business at the moment.If it is true then Thursday's event would  be of something else like facebook launcher in HTC phone based on android OS.

Option #2
Now , second option doesn't seem logical either .How many people use facebook these days? 1.06 billion?.That is a big figure.But there are only 680 millions users on mobile.How many of them have access of high speed internet.Well , I don't know the figure but it will surely shrink the user numbers.I ,therefore,don't think that Mark is thinking of providing phone to a limited number of people and  wait for entire world to have as access of high speed internet which is not impossible but it takes time. It is obvious that the second option certainly is not a right decision for now. Suppose in spite of all these, Facebook releases a phone. Then what will happen? Its stock will  go up for a day and from the very next day it will start to come down finally putting Facebook on danger. Will facebook phone succeed? It will probably not.  How many of you use chrombook by google?I love google but haven't used chromebook yet.In case of facebook,  for me, I have Facebook app on my nexus.I think that will work perfectly even after the relese of facebook phone. lol

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