Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fake LinkedIn profiles used by hackers



growing number of hackers are targeting professionals on LinkedIn, according to security firm Symantec. Its investigation uncovered dozens of fake accounts on the social network, across a variety of industries.

Posing as recruiters, the fake accounts allow hackers to map the networks of business professionals and gain the trust of those in them.

The security firm has worked with LinkedIn to remove all of the fake accounts it identified.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change

By Justin Gillis.NYTimes

1. How much is the planet heating up?

1.7 degrees is actually a significant amount.

As of this October, the Earth had warmed by about 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, when tracking began at a global scale. That figure includes the surface of the ocean. The warming is greater over land, and greater still in the Arctic and parts of Antarctica. Read More

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Li-Fi Probably Won’t Be The New Wi-Fi For Most People

By Nitish Kulkarni.Techcrunch

Long restricted to the academic domain, Li-Fi, a light-based data delivery method is suddenly getting all sorts of attention. An Estonian startup Velmenni recently tested an commercial implementation and found it to be superior to Wi-Fi in almost every way – except as something you and I will probably ever use.

Velmenni’s technology, called Jungru, uses an LED bulb and transmits data at gigabit speed. It has a theoretical speed of 224 gigabytes per second, the BBC reported. While the Jungru product is commercially viable, it is still based on what seems to be a laboratory-grade MATLAB and Simulink setup paired with photodiodes as opposed to a final product which must transmit data in real world environments Detail

Atmospheric Scientist Ken Caldeira Argues That the Paris Climate Talks Won’t Go Far Enough | MIT Technology Review

By Ken Caldeira MIT Technology Review


any years ago, I protested at the gates of a nuclear power plant. For a long time, I believed it would be easy to get energy from biomass, wind, and solar. Small is beautiful. Distributed power, not centralized.

I wish I could still believe that.

My thinking changed when I worked with Marty Hoffert of New York University on research that was first published in Nature in 1998. It was the first peer-reviewed study that examined the amount of near-zero-emission energy we would need in order to solve the climate problem Detail

Climate Change Conference

Climate Change is real.Let's Unite to protect this planet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Touch Typing.

What is touch typing?
According to Wikipedia,"Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys.Specifically, a touch typist will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory.Touch typing typically involves placing the eight fingers in a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard ( home row) and having them reach for other keys."

Why is touch typing important?

1. You can type a paper quickly and save tons of time for other works.It means, touch typing       increases efficiency.
2. It will be easier for you to take notes on class. 
3. Various jobs require typing skill.
4. Faster typing skill builds confidence.
5. When you type fast you think fast.
6. If you are a programming students, you can focus more on a lecture.

How do I learn touch Typing?

The best way to learn to type is to practice it. You can play different typing games available on the internet or write a blog or a paper every day. There are various websites that teach touch typing. Some of them are listed below. 

e. Typing

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Siri is giving us some hints.

Internet is crowded with rumors of possible product announcement from apple on the keynote scheduled for September 9.  We can not be sure enough to say anything before the event but one feature in iPhone will be surely added and that would be a forced touch. This can be confirmed with a web page about the event. Look below.

On the page we see a finger like surface touching a line moving it deep inside to make an apple like object. Bit confused about it? Ask siri to give you a hint. You will get tons of answers which are not so related to  us but the one that says ,"Look deep within yourself" indicates the force touch feature will be added on the new iPhone. 

Most of the bloggers do not agree upon the colorful iPhone that means iPhone 6c and iPhone 6+c but the logo above also has some colorful design to expect something colorful and that could be colored iPhones. I have been asking siri about the hint and today she said ," Can't you see from my colorful words?" .Based on these hints we can say apple is going to release cheaper version of colored iPhones . 
What hint are you getting?

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to be a good programmer ?

I have been trying to find a good article that teaches us about the skills that we need to develop to be a good programmer. Guess what? I spent more than two hours searching for the article, hoping to get something readable ,with no luck. 


 Most articles are a mile long while some have nothing to offer. After browsing through the internet, I decided to do something by myself in such a way that you don't even need  2 min to know how to be a good programmer.
Here is my summary:

1. Decide which language you want to begin with.
2. Believe in yourself, whatever language you have chosen is the best programming language to begin with. I chose python because it is super easy for beginners.
3. Buy an introductory programming  book related to that language.
4.  Read all the book like a novel.
5. Read the book again but try to know how the example codes given in the book works.
6. Imitate the code in a piece of paper.
7. Get a laptop and install a compiler.
8. Try to work on the example codes.
9. Do exercise.
10. Do not worry about the syntax.(Most  people try to memorize the syntax. Memorizing make coding a  difficult task. Just know the concept and practice.)
11. Grab a cup of coffee and relax.

    12. Two words: WORK HARD.


Why you don't need an apple watch:

11 weird reasons lol

1. You are not a watch guy / You don't even have any watch at home.
2. You don't take iphone as your second girlfriend(well boyfriend for girls.).
3. You believe in Moore's law and think that with the technology the apple watch will change a lot in future.
4. You are an android guy.
5. You are a samsung lover.
6. You think apple is for old people.
7. You don't know the use of apple watch or confused about it.
8. You think the price for apple watch is just too much.(Include me.)
9. You think if you buy the watch right now your friends will laugh at you.
10.You don't know what I am talking about.
11. You think the problem in its taptic device already failed the watch.