Monday, May 4, 2015

How to be a good programmer ?

I have been trying to find a good article that teaches us about the skills that we need to develop to be a good programmer. Guess what? I spent more than two hours searching for the article, hoping to get something readable ,with no luck. 


 Most articles are a mile long while some have nothing to offer. After browsing through the internet, I decided to do something by myself in such a way that you don't even need  2 min to know how to be a good programmer.
Here is my summary:

1. Decide which language you want to begin with.
2. Believe in yourself, whatever language you have chosen is the best programming language to begin with. I chose python because it is super easy for beginners.
3. Buy an introductory programming  book related to that language.
4.  Read all the book like a novel.
5. Read the book again but try to know how the example codes given in the book works.
6. Imitate the code in a piece of paper.
7. Get a laptop and install a compiler.
8. Try to work on the example codes.
9. Do exercise.
10. Do not worry about the syntax.(Most  people try to memorize the syntax. Memorizing make coding a  difficult task. Just know the concept and practice.)
11. Grab a cup of coffee and relax.

    12. Two words: WORK HARD.


Why you don't need an apple watch:

11 weird reasons lol

1. You are not a watch guy / You don't even have any watch at home.
2. You don't take iphone as your second girlfriend(well boyfriend for girls.).
3. You believe in Moore's law and think that with the technology the apple watch will change a lot in future.
4. You are an android guy.
5. You are a samsung lover.
6. You think apple is for old people.
7. You don't know the use of apple watch or confused about it.
8. You think the price for apple watch is just too much.(Include me.)
9. You think if you buy the watch right now your friends will laugh at you.
10.You don't know what I am talking about.
11. You think the problem in its taptic device already failed the watch.