Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Siri is giving us some hints.

Internet is crowded with rumors of possible product announcement from apple on the keynote scheduled for September 9.  We can not be sure enough to say anything before the event but one feature in iPhone will be surely added and that would be a forced touch. This can be confirmed with a web page about the event. Look below.

On the page we see a finger like surface touching a line moving it deep inside to make an apple like object. Bit confused about it? Ask siri to give you a hint. You will get tons of answers which are not so related to  us but the one that says ,"Look deep within yourself" indicates the force touch feature will be added on the new iPhone. 

Most of the bloggers do not agree upon the colorful iPhone that means iPhone 6c and iPhone 6+c but the logo above also has some colorful design to expect something colorful and that could be colored iPhones. I have been asking siri about the hint and today she said ," Can't you see from my colorful words?" .Based on these hints we can say apple is going to release cheaper version of colored iPhones . 
What hint are you getting?